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QMotion Electric Blinds

Home window coverings
Office windows and presentation screens
Audio visual and cinematic use
Hotels and hospitality venues
Healthcare establishments

Why choose Qmotion Electric Blinds?

QMotion UK Advanced Shading Systems offer high quality and technologically advanced electric blinds. These blinds are well suited to a wide variety of uses but are particularly good for the following:

100% Wireless

Qmotion electric blinds are entirely wire free. Operated by standard D cell alkaline batteries

Easy Maintenance

The batteries will last up to three years, are very easy to install and maintain

Quiet Motors

Qmotion motors are almost completely silent so you won’t be disturbed by any motor noise

Easy To Use

Qmotion electric blinds can be opened or closed using a multi-function remote control or via the Qmotion app

Wide Choice of Fabrics

Qmotion has a vast array of fabrics to choose from. Sourced from the UK and Europe, the fabrics are of a high quality

Custom Printing

We can even offer custom printed fabric options on Qmotion fabric blinds whether you want a specific pattern or company logo


QMotion Multichannel Electric Blinds Control - The Electric Blind Company

Multichannel Remote Control

Control all blinds
3 custom presets
6 individual or group settings
Multiple blinds per group

QMotion 5 Single Button Channel Remote - The Electric Blind Company

5 Button Single Channel Remote

Single group transmitter
5 preset blind positions
Magnetic back for wall storage
Control multiple shades in group

QMotion Gen 3 Single Channel Remote - The Electric Blind Company

Gen 3 Single Channel Remote

Sleek and user friendly
6 preset blind positions
Magnetic back for wall storage
Range of 30 feet

QMotion Zigbee Remote Control - The Electric Blind Company

ZigBee Multi Channel Remote

Sleek and user friendly
6 preset blind positions
5 individual or group settings
Control multiple shades in group

Qmotion Qsync - The Electric Blind Company


Control blinds from smart device
Works with Qmotion app
iOS and Android Compatible
Create groups

QMotion QRelay - The Electric Blind Company


Extend signal transmission
Plug into 110V socket or USB
Range of 30 feet
Repeat any remote command

QMotion Qube Coordinator - The Electric Blind Company

Qube Coordinator

Extend range of automation system
Works with QMotion QAdvanced
Works with ZigBee Control
Support up to 32 devices

QMotion Power and Communication Panel - The Electric Blind Company

Power and Communication Panel

Control QIS Blinds
Up to 8 ports
Control up to 200 shades
24v power supply

Voice Controlled Blinds

QMotion blinds can also be set up for voice control with Amazon Alexa devices. We use a QMotion ZigBee network to link your electric blinds with the Amazon Alexa app. Once set up, you can control all of your blinds using simple voice commands like ‘Alexa, open the blinds in the bedroom.’

More About Voice Control

Premium Fabric Collection

The expansive QMotion fabric range has been sourced from well established suppliers in the UK and Europe. The fabrics are of a very high quality and have been specifically designed for QMotion roller blinds so that, they not only look great, but work well too. There is a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from and custom printing is also available.

More About Blind Fabrics

Authorised QMotion Dealer

We are an authorised dealer and fitter for all Qmotion electric blinds so you can rest assured that we fully understand how QMotion products work and the best way to install them. Get in touch to find out how we can bring QMotion blinds to your home with ease.