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If you are looking for electric blinds for your roof lantern or skylight, you might be weighing up the options between zip blinds or honeycomb / cellular blinds. Whether you need to reduce glare and heat or increase insulation, we believe that Zip Electric Roof Blinds are far superior to honeycomb / cellular blinds / duette and that the extra cost offers extra value. Unlike honeycomb / cellular blinds / duette, Zip electric blinds have been specifically designed to work horizontally. This means they are engineered to operate smoothly and provide the best performance and appearance across your skylight or roof lantern. Read on to find out more. 

No Sagging

Electric roof lantern blinds use a ‘zip’ system. The ‘zip’ is welded along the length of the cloth and runs inside an inner channel. Unique springs also hold the blind in place with just the right amount of tension. This ensures the fabric is firm and taut at all times. Honeycomb / cellular / duette blinds do not have this spring and are therefore not tensioned. Honeycomb / cellular / duette electric blinds do not have this level of sophisticated engineering and reinforcement, so they are prone to sagging over time. This is especially prevalent in large roof blinds, which are more likely to droop due to the extra weight and lack of support in the middle. 

Motorised Roof Lantern Blind - Zip Technology - SHY - The Electric Blind Company


Zip electric blinds can be made using fully opaque blackout fabric. The zip system also ensures that there is no light seepage around the edges of the blind. This results in approx. 98% blackout blind. Honeycomb / cellular blinds, however, can’t provide complete blackout. The malleable nature of the fabric means it is only semi-opaque, and light ingress around the edge of the blind is common, even with a good fit. 

Dirt Resistant

Honeycomb / cellular electric blinds are renowned for being hard to clean. The open-ended pleated pockets are the perfect place for dirt, dust and even dead bugs to accumulate, and cleaning them is difficult and inconvenient. On the other hand, electric zip blinds are entirely flat, so they are much easier to keep clean and will not act like a venus flytrap! 

Superior Power

If you require a large electric blind to cover your roof lantern or skylight, we recommend using a hardwired 240v system. This provides optimal power to ensure the blinds glide effortlessly across the roof lantern or skylight. A 240v motor is possible with the Zip blind, but the power options for electric honeycomb / cellular blinds are more limited. They operate on a 24v battery motor, which is ok for small blinds, but less so for larger setups. 

Roof Lantern Electric Blind Fitted for Eton College by The Electric Blind Company

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