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The recent proliferation of smart home technology means smart tech gadgets are now commonplace in the home. From automatic heating and lighting to pre-programmed electric blinds and security systems, there are so many ways in which smart technology can enhance your property. But which ones will be most popular in 2023? Here are a few that we think will be big during the year ahead. 

Energy Efficiency

With sky-high energy prices at the moment, we’re all being more mindful about how we heat our homes and prevent wastage in 2023. Smart thermostats allow you to control your heating, only turning it on in the rooms that you use and at set times of the day. And electric blinds can help too. By using programmable settings, you can set your blinds to rise when the sun comes up to make the most of natural heat and fall at dusk to help prevent wastage.

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Home Security

When you think of smart technology and home security, the most obvious solution is a home CCTV system. But other more subtle and often cost-effective solutions also exist to make your home safer. Smart doorbells with cameras are already commonplace. And smart lighting and electric blinds can be pre-programmed to give the impression that someone is at home, which is a fantastic deterrent for burgulars.

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Hands-Free Voice Control

Voice-controlled smart speakers and tech assistants have become very popular, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Plus, we’re seeing superb development in other hands-free devices in the home, including heating, lighting, and kitchen appliances. Smart electric blinds are extremely efficient too; simply pair them with an Amazon Alexa or Homekit Siri device for hands-free control.

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Health and Wellness

As the trend for self-care and wellbeing continues to grow, so too do smart gadgets that make wellness easier to achieve. From smart fitness bikes and rowing machines, to health monitoring watches and contactless trackers, there’s a plethora of smart tech to help you achieve your health goals. Plus, if a good night’s sleep is high on your priority list, pre-programmed lights and electric blinds can help you doze off and wake up to natural daylight for better rest and recovery.

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Have you been inspired by these smart home trends? Could electric blinds enhance your home in 2023? If so, please get in touch with our friendly sales team, who will be happy to discuss all the options we have available for the year ahead.