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The popular home design website, Houzz, has identified Smart Homes as one of the top ten interior design trends for 2021. Houzz’s data shows strong growth in Smart Home related searches, so here we dig a little deeper into what they have to say…

Smart Home Systems

The experts at Houzz have seen a dramatic increase in searches for smart-home related topics and inspiration via their website this year. This trend builds upon a steady and sustained growth of smart home popularity over the past few years and suggests that we are all looking to integrate even more smart technology into our homes in the near future. Homeowners want to take advantage of the incredible benefits that smart home technology offers. From automated electric blinds and smart lighting to automatic temperature control and intelligent security, there’s a wealth of smart devices that can enhance and improve your life at home. Take a look at our Home Automation Ideas blog for more inspiration.

“The search term ‘smart home’ has seen a dramatic rise in popularity on Houzz this year and has been growing as a priority for homeowners in recent years, according to Houzz research.” Houzz 

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Voice Control

Houzz also suggests that we may see a rise in voice recognition technology being used in the home in 2021. Voice control technology is clearly very convenient, and Houzz points out that it can also reduce the need for switches in the home. This, in turn, helps to prevent the spread of germs. Here at the Electric Blind Company, we offer a range of smart blinds that are compatible with voice recognition devices including Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, and we’ve also seen a growing interest in these products. These blinds work with Alexa or Siri activated devices so you can simply ask Alexa or Siri to ‘open the blinds in the bedroom’ or ‘close all of the blinds downstairs’ using simple voice commands. 

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No-touch Technology

Furthermore, interior design professionals at Houzz report that no-touch technology is likely to become more popular, including sensor-controlled taps and lights. We suspect that home automation will go hand in hand with this trend. As homeowners discover the convenience of being able to set ‘scenes’ throughout their home, no-touch and pre-programmable technology will complement one another. Pre-programmable smart home systems allow you to create a unique ambience in every room of the house. For example, in the bathroom you may set a ‘scene’ that dims the lights, lowers the blinds and turns on the heating, ready for you to enjoy a warm and sumptuous bath before you retire to bed. 

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Overall, it’s great to see the rising popularity of smart home systems. And the findings of Houzz’s report fully correspond with the trends we’ve seen here at The Electric Blind Company. In recent years we’ve seen new enquiries for smart blinds soar, and voice-activated products are becoming more and more sought-after. Furthermore, the upward trend in hands-free home automation means we’ll likely see more households adopt a smart home configuration in 2021.

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