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Offering convenient and efficient window coverage, hardwired blinds offer a seamless integration of technology and functionality within your home. However, when considering electric blinds for your property, it’s important to understand the different aspects required to fit hardwired blinds. Here, we explore the factors that influence power requirements for hardwired blinds.

Hardwired and Battery Electric Blinds Fitted in Cambridgeshire


The placement of your electric blinds is one of the most crucial elements impacting suitable power options. For example, if the blinds sit within a recessed window frame or the window is hard to reach, a hardwired motor could be challenging to fit, so a battery-powered solution may be the best solution. On the other hand, if a socket is located close to the window, hardwired blinds may be possible.


The way you choose to control your electric blinds will significantly impact the power requirements. Are you opting for wireless switches, remote controls, or integrating the blinds into a smart home system? Each control mechanism requires a different power solution and wiring configuration.


The type of fabric used to make your blinds will influence the motor’s power demands. Heavier fabrics may need a more robust motor and power source to ensure smooth operation. While lighter sheer fabrics may operate efficiently with a lower power battery motor.


The dimensions of your blinds may also determine the power requirements. Large electric blinds may require more powerful hardwired motors to lift and lower them effectively, whereas most smaller blinds can operate smoothly and efficiently on a battery-powered motor.

Hardwired Dual Blinds Fitted in Christchurch by The Electric Blind Company

Tailored Approach

Due to all of these differing factors, it is difficult to provide generic information and advice on whether hardwired blinds are suitable for your windows. Each installation demands a bespoke approach tailored to your project’s unique specifications, so we provide a highly personalised electric blinds fitting service. We take the time to understand what you want to achieve with your new electric blinds and work with you to create the best possible solution to meet your needs and wishes.

For enquiries and consultations regarding your hardwired blinds project, please get in touch, and we’ll work with you to find the best electric blinds for your property.