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You can now control your electric blinds using your voice. If you have an Alexa enabled device we can set up your electric blinds so that you can open or close your blinds with simple voice commands such as ‘open the blinds in the kitchen,’ or ‘close the blinds in the bedroom.’

Hands Free Control

Voice controlled blind systems allows you to open or close your electric blinds without having to find a handset, pick up your smartphone or use a wall switch - the ultimate in convenience and hassle-free automation.

Simple Set Up

It is simple to set up voice controlled blinds in your home. We can supply a special link device that will connect Alexa with your electric blinds with ease and minimal fuss and we can help you to programme blind opening / closing scenarios.


If you want to control several different sets of electric blinds at once, we can set up pre-programmed activities that can then be triggered using simple voice commands. For example, ‘close all of the blinds in the house,’ or ‘close all of the blinds upstairs.’

Simple Set Up

Many of our electric blinds can be controlled using a simple-to-use app, which can then be connected to your Amazon Alexa device. The Alexa option is available for our Somfy and QMotion electric blinds. Set up is simple; all you will need is the relevant app installed on your smartphone, tablet or smart watch, an Alexa device linked to your Amazon account and an appropriate link device, which we can supply.

Here is an example video to show you just how simple the Somfy MyLink voice control system is to set up, although we can do all of this for you when fitting your electric blinds.

See How It Works

Here are some Electric Roller Blinds that we fitted with Alexa Voice Control. These can be controlled using simple voice commands such as “Alexa, open the lounge blinds.” This installation was very straight forward and simple to set up and our client is very pleased with how easy it is to use.

Watch this video and make sure you turn on the sound to see how it works.

Voice Controlled Electric Blinds

starting at£678

Roller Blind up to 1 metre
Battery £1013, Hardwired £678

Roller Blind up to 2 metres
Battery £1193, Hardwired £798

Roller Blind up to 3 metres
Battery £1214, Hardwired £839

Roller Blind up to 3.5 metres
Hardwired £1450

Prices based on one Electric Roller Blind with white fascia, hand held remote control or wall switch, 1 year warranty and installation.
Colour matched RAL fascia and brackets 10% extra.

The cost of an Alex Device is NOT included in these prices. Alexa devices can be purchased separately and are available from John Lewis.

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We can supply and fit a choice of high quality electric roller blinds including the following:
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